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The One Macklemore Controversy He DOESN’T Want You Talking About

I am over 30 and have a baby, and Macklemore is NOT the guy who sings the Super Why theme, so it took me a while to figure out who he is. After performing some very in-depth Googling over the course of several days, I have learned that Macklemore is the stage name of a white guy named Ben who raps. Macklemore has become somewhat of a controversial figure in the music world for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • He is a white guy named Ben who raps.
  • He is a white guy named Ben who rapped about how he’s definitely not gay but it’s cool if you are.
  • He is a white guy named Ben who won a Grammy for Best Rap Album.
  • He is a white guy named Ben who seemed to be soliciting public accolades for apologizing to Kendrick Lamar* about his Grammy for Best Rap Album.
  • He is a white guy named Ben who inadvertently costumed himself as a piece of Nazi propaganda during a recent surprise performance in Seattle.
  • He is a human person who says “hella” literally all the time, as every possible part of speech. (Does that shit fly in the Pacific Northwest? Because not around here, it doesn’t.)

After completing my extensive Macklemore research, I have come to the conclusion that these various offenses have been committed by our pale friend Ben only to distract us, the foolishly naive public, into overlooking the REAL controversy: Continue reading


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6 Pop-Culture Crimes Committed by White People

We could go on for days about the massive crimes against humanity committed by my pasty-skinned people. Slavery, the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, the Trail of Tears, the Salem witch trials, and the Tuskegee experiment — we are just skimming the surface of a densely woven tapestry of broad-spectrum, grand-scale assholery.

Also, does “institutional racism” count as just one single crime against humanity? Or is that multiple counts? (Asking for a friend.)

In recent decades, however, organized acts of flagrant racism have fallen out of public favor. This has left many white assholes rudderless, flailing out on their own to commit smaller-scale atrocities in a generally disorganized manner. For whatever reason — the changing of seasons, perhaps, or the shifting of the moon’s gravitational pull — there has been a very visible wave of these high-profile racists lately, and it’s become a real embarrassment to the respectable bigots who prefer to discriminate on a classier, more dignified, systemic level. You know — like civilized people.

And sure, it’s easy to single out and condemn the old white guys throwing around loaded phrases like “those people” and “better off picking cotton” and “Heil Hitler.” But what about the quieter forms of white aggression that surround us on a daily basis? What I mean to say is, what about our crimes against pop culture? Continue reading


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