21 Wildly Controversial Statements

And I mean every word of them.

  1. Paul McCartney is the worst Beatle.
  2. Michael Nesmith is the cutest Monkee.
  3. Peanut butter cups are overrated.
  4. Channing Tatum is, like, a 6 at best.
  5. I really don’t mind the Kardashians at all.
  6. Never did learn to like Hemingway, though.
  7. Can’t stand “The Great Gatsby,” either.
  8. I started watching “Mad Men” at the beginning of season 5, and I don’t think I really need to catch up on the four seasons I missed.
  9. Fuck bacon.
  10. “Off the Wall” is some of my least favorite Michael Jackson music.
  11. Women make better doctors.
  12. Fresh air: I can take it or leave it.
  13. Also? Eating outside is always a bad idea.
  14. The Super Bowl should be held somewhere with a harsh, wintry climate every year. (NO DOMES.)
  15. “Hostel 2” is one of my favorite movies.
  16. Grammar pedantry is a worse crime than insurance fraud and should be prosecuted as such.
  17.  Slash is the best guitarist ever.
  18. “Game of Thrones” is boring.
  19. You should either have no tattoos, or many tattoos. Never just one.
  20. IDGAF about peas, but guacamole should not have onion or tomato in it.
  21. Not all babies are blessings.


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6 responses to “21 Wildly Controversial Statements

  1. andi

    Although I disagree wholeheartedly with #9. 😉

  2. Kate

    Things you are wrong about:
    Peanut butter cups
    Eating outside

    Everything else is pretty on-point.

  3. Agreed on the tattoos. On that topic, if you have one bad tattoo, you need another 3 good ones to break even, meaning that getting too many bad tattoos ends up being very expensive.

  4. Grammar…yep. Slash…yep. You’re onto something here.

  5. Blogging is overrated. Great blogging though!!

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