13 Feminist Celebrities, Judged

1. Emma Watson

Occupation: Inventor of feminism

Relevant Quote: “Chivalry should be consensual.”

Credibility Level: Hufflepuff

2. Tina Fey

Occupation: Relatable working mom

Relevant Quote: “People will say, ‘Oh, fashion magazines are so bad, they’re giving girls a negative message’ — but we’re also the fattest country in the world, so it’s not like we’re all looking at fashion magazines and not eating.”

Credibility Level: Ugh mom you are soooooo second-wave sometimes.

3. Kerry Washington

Occupation: My everything

Relevant Quote: “You would think that those of us who are kept from our full rights of citizenship would band together and fight the good fight, but history tells us that no, often we don’t.”

Credibility Level: Absolute

4. Lena Dunham

Occupation: Lightning rod

Relevant Quote: “I got in trouble once for saying I enjoyed being catcalled, which was not a popular position.”

Credibility Level: Basic cable

5. Taylor Swift

Occupation: Supermodel adjacent

Relevant Quote: “I really resent the idea that if a woman writes about her feelings, she has too many feelings.”

Credibility Level: Daisy bridging to Brownie

6. Beyoncé

Occupation: G.O.A.T.

Relevant Quote: “Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.”

Credibility Level: As always, Beyoncé doesn’t care if you find her credible or not.

7. Ashley Judd

Occupation: Noted Kentuckian

Relevant Quote: [2,000-word essay]

Credibility Level: Well-documented

8. Matt McGorry

Occupation: That one guy from Orange is the New Black

Relevant Quote: “Whether it’s the pay gap, whether it’s genital mutilation in different parts of the world, there’s a lot of shit out there that’s really important to me.”

Credibility Level: Good cop

9. Zooey Deschanel

Occupation: Ambassador of twee

Relevant Quote: “If you are tearing down somebody who has forged her own path just for wearing a tiara, rethink your priorities.”

Credibility Level: Awwwwwww

10. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Occupation: Zooey Deschanel, but for dudes

Relevant Quote: “If you look at history, women are an oppressed category of people.”

Credibility Level: Chronic resting smugface

11. Claire Danes

Occupation: Jordan Catalano’s tutor

Relevant Quote: “I am a feminist.”

Credibility Level: k?

12. Ellen Page

Occupation: Juno

Relevant Quote: “I mean, what are we going to do — go back to clothes hangers?”

Credibility Level: Lesbian

13. Jon Hamm

Occupation: Handsome

Relevant Quote: “I’ve never treated any women as badly as Don Draper treats them.”

Credibility Level: VERY handsome


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3 responses to “13 Feminist Celebrities, Judged

  1. Interesting quote from Emma Watson, I’m not sure what to think of it

  2. Bravo. Thank you for this post.

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