29 Things My Husband and I Text About

I saw a headline not long ago that was something like, “How Married Couples Text Each Other.” And even though I am married and I text my husband — so, like, I already know how married couples text? — I almost clicked on the headline! I mean, it was basically about my life. VERY compelling. VERY algorithmically targeted toward my interests.

So while I stopped short of actually clicking the link, this incident did open my eyes to the fact that readers are clamoring to read about married couples texting. Would you like to read that kind of article? Maybe a list of things my husband and I text about, you think?

OK, here it is:

  1. Mexican food
  2. Haircuts
  3. Traffic updates
  4. “Raising Arizona” quotes
  5. Dead celebrities
  6. ETAs
  7. The bubble-like nature of the secondary market for Grateful Dead tickets
  8. “ha ha”
  9. Blue Ivy
  10. Parents
  11. Sisters
  12. Work complaints, general
  13. Work complaints, coworker-specific
  14. “The Big Lebowski” quotes
  15. Funny nicknames for people we know
  16. Mortgage payments
  17. Car noises
  18. The theoretical impact of fleece vs. jersey pajamas on toddler sleep habits
  19. Widely discredited conspiracy theories
  20. Ass
  21. “ok”
  22. Empty promises
  23. What you think about maybe grilling out tonight
  24. Feminism
  25. How much money things are going to cost
  26. [handclap emoji]
  27. Hypothetical fantasy football outcomes
  28. Pizza
  29. “whoa hey easy guy”


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10 responses to “29 Things My Husband and I Text About

  1. “We got us a TODDLER!”

  2. You know, I had no idea I wanted to read about things married people text about (I’m married…we also text) and yet here I am reading about it and even commenting. Funny old world.

  3. 1, 15 & 29 made me chuckle in familiarity… Great post πŸ™‚

  4. bindmoggled

    Texting between my wife and myself can be challenging. I have an iphone, she still has her trusty old I-don’t-even-know-what kind of phone, with a simple, non-touch screen and actual buttons she has to push. We just acknowledge that she doesn’t always have to reply to my texts because it takes her so long to tap out simple things.

  5. The last text message my bf sent me said, “we’re you abducted?”
    for those concerned….I wasn’t.
    I should probably respond. That was like three days ago. :/

  6. Great posts… umber 22 killed me loooool. Cheers for that. Please read my latest blog (https://pardonmyblogs.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/the-categories/) for a short and witty, comical outlook on the types of people you find clubbing on a night out… It would be much appreciated πŸ™‚

  7. This got me take my phone and text.

  8. Omg this is so true and so funny! Happy to have found you on the recommended blogger list : ) Empty promises hahaha!

  9. My question is, are texts better than chatting to cut through the chase sometimes in long term realtionships?
    You know the should I ask, I will think about it, not sure I want to say this…..is it easier by text!

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