17 Things Football Analysts Say

1.  National Football League

2.  Special player

3.  Very special player

4.  Putting on a clinic

5.  Both sides of the ball

6.  Every-down back

7.  Bang-bang play

8.  Those are some thick thighs. I bet you have a hard time buying pants.*

9.  Defenses win championships

10. Smash-mouth football

11. One of the all-time greats

12. Third and manageable

13. Classic rivalry

14. Pass(h) rush**

15. Dangerous in the slot

16. Elite

17. Elite?

*OK, not every football analyst says this. But I heard Jon Gruden say it to Maurice Jones-Drew years ago, and it has lingered in my memory ever since.

 **Only applies to Cris Collinsworth.


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3 responses to “17 Things Football Analysts Say

  1. 1 Thing People Who Don’t Care About Stuff Say

    1. Thank you for making us care about lists. Love your blog!

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